Inner Bullseye Workshops

Inner Bullseye Workshops


Inner Bullseye workshops provide the foundational framework and skills to help individuals, teams and organizations build inner clarity, awareness and alignment around purpose, goals and success. They help us slow down to uncover space for better creativity, connection and innovation.  They allow us to slow down in order to get where we want to go more vitally and effectively.  Inner Bullseye helps create the synergy and trust today’s organizations need for success.

Build your foundation through our Inner Bullseye  2-day workshops. Optimize and thrive through the personal practice and commitment to Six Minutes Daily.


Our brains are constantly bombarding us with messages (about 50,000-70,000 per day). Most of them are the same nagging messages we received the day before and the majority are negative and defeatist. The brain likes to keep us safe and it does this by keeping us small. Waking up to our Inner Voice allows us to begin to choose the rhythm and tempo of these messages and shift the voice.

We call this voice our inner roommate because we share headspace with it, we have to remind it to take out the garbage and pay the rent. By offering it breath, positive intentions and gratitude, we nurture our relationship with our inner voice so that we can shift negative patterns.

If you want to create the holistic life and professional success you’ve always dreamed of along with powerful accountability, we offer private sessions and corporate coaching programs.

"Waking up to Six Minutes Daily is the most inspirational way to build your business because building a business takes two things: people and time. Giving your team six minutes holds them accountable to themselves in ways that will not only motivate them but inspire them to bring their best selfs to everything they do. If you don't invest time in your people, you won't see a return.”
Angelo Calafatis
Entrepreneur and Business Growth Strategist