Next Tuesday marks the beginning of summer. And amidst all the uncertainty and angst these days, there is something both powerful and soothing about the cycle of the seasons and the knowledge that there is a container and flow of life far bigger than we are.

Gratefully, we are deeply a part of this flow. We can both give to it and receive from it. And in that awareness of the connection, we can be energized, healed and opened to creativity.

Here’s a most delightful way I’ve found to feel the expansiveness. Go buy a handful or two of wildflower seeds. Pick a part of your yard or even just a pot and joyfully toss the seeds into the wind (or more carefully your pot). Gently rake them in (no need for perfection) and make sure the area gets some water for the first week or so. And over the next two months, watch nature bloom – wild, unbridled, joyful, spontaneous. Smile as bees come in to pollinate, butterflies rest a while and hummingbirds gather nectar. This wildflower seeding is about the giving and receiving.

I did this last summer in the grass in front of where I pulled in my car. I challenge anyone not to smile at the myriad of colors lightly swaying in the wind as one got out. And then one day in late August when a deep frost hit the night, they were gone. Just a memory. Yet they, as are we, very resilient. And as I pulled in yesterday, I could see the children of these first wildflower seeds sprouting up, soon again to dance in the summer breeze.

Life changes. It flows and ebbs. But roots grow deep. Allow the cycles of the seasons, the joys of nature to breathe into your being. It changes how we see. And in that shift begins an infinite path of possibility.

Happy Summer,

ps … and our 19 chickens are now two months old… pictured below are Grace and Henrietta. Chicken humor abounds.

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