What Makes You Smile Inside?

We talk a lot about small steps, the little things that we do every day that can dramatically shift our mindset, our trajectory and our energy. Sometimes though, it’s hard, really hard – especially when we deal with loss and grief of any kind. So this week I want to share some insights that other people have shared with me about deepening their intention setting with powerful shifts.

My closest childhood friend went through a painful company restructure last year that led to her being laid off. In the weeks that followed, she was hurt, angry and feeling vulnerable. She told me that one of her inclinations was to change her computer password to some pretty angry words. Then she said that she heard a voice in her head saying “how do I turn my anger into positive powerful intentions?” She then changed her password to Fearless@56and another password to Empowered2020. Every time she opens her computer, she writes Fearless.That’s a strong intention and reminder of how she wants to show up for herself.

Some incredible doors have opened to her in the last two months since her energy, drive and awakened sense of self was activated. And the validating cycle keeps spinning upward.

If you find yourself is saying, “Wow, that’s hokey.” So what? It works. When we find our smiles inside, it helps us bring better focus, clarity and problem-solving creativity to our work and challenges.

Another friend lights a candle each morning, does his Six Minutes Daily and ends by picking some of his favorite energetic songs from his youth like Jukebox Hero and Gloria. Those beats and energy keep playing inside even when the day’s events get tough.

My point – we have the power to influence our energy, to shift our mindset. Just think what could happen if we gave ourselves 1-2% more energy, more courage, more optimism, more patience, more listening, more space, more thoughtfulness.

Yes, we need to walk through the fires and honesty of our feelings and emotions. We just don’t need to get stuck there. We are so much more, so much deeper, so much more powerful than the emotions, hormones and events of the day that can fill our consciousness.

If you wanted to give yourself an inside smile, what will you change your password to? I have some great ideas for mine. And I smile to think of the fun songs I will play each morning.

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