What If…?

What if underneath all the things we do every day, the words we say, the clothes we wear, the challenges we face, the pains we carry, the choices we make … there really exists a deeper self?

And what if that deeper self doesn’t have a color, or a status, or a race, or a religion, or a resume, or a bank account, or even a story?

What if that deep place inside ALL of us is made of only LOVE – infinite, all-encompassing, awe-inspiring, simple, yet vastly profound love – a love that carries no judgments and no criticism? A love that simply doesn’t care about the details.

And what if we allowed that kind of love to fill us, wrap around us and support us in releasing ourselves from self judgment and be able to forgive, really forgive ourselves and others?

What if that love that is our deepest self was connected to the love that exists and resides within every other living thing, like the roots of a vast interconnected tree universe?

And what if in this kind of love, there is no past to hold onto and no future to aspire to? There is only living in this present moment filled with love.

Just think about it. What if for the next 20 days between now and Christmas, we allowed ourselves to bathe in that kind of love, even just for a few minutes every day? What if we allowed ourselves to let go of the helping, the doing, the leading, the fixing, the searching, and we just let the love in?

From that place, what is one thing you would do differently today? What is one way you would show up a bit differently? What is one way you would see love in the faces all around you? What is one way you would be kinder to yourself today?

And if your mind quickly goes to something like, “well, isn’t that just an excuse to be lazy and indolent?” Then ask yourself, “Hmmm. Is that love? Or is that my mind just trying to fight against the simplicity of the idea?”

Here’s the crazy thing. When we look at the essence of all major religions and thousands of years of philosophers, it’s kind of what they all said. That love, peace, virtue and self acceptance are the essence of life.

So join me in this holiday season. Give yourself a few minutes every day just to sit in the feeling of love and let every cell of your body be bathed with love from within your infinite well. Pretty amazing to observe what this practice might do for your health and relationships too.

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