Trust & Presence

One year ago, I began writing these blogs. I can’t even really say why. Something just compelled me. Some weeks were easy. Some weeks, not so much. But I kept showing up to this computer and trusting that thoughts and insights of some benefit to someone may come out.

The global challenges of the last few weeks have woken me up to why I was compelled to begin – for those four little people, now adults, in the picture above (and Brolin, Miguel and all the other amazing young people I have had the joy to see grow up over these last two and a half decades). They deserve my best and our best.

I’ve also gained the clarity to better understand what I’m trying to say holistically in my work. Yes, Six Minutes Daily is about the Quiet Shift and Seismic Change, but to what? I believe it is to support us in the awareness that we hold the power of choice in how we show up (in all the places we show up). And that those choices make the difference in the outcomes of our life. That is how I define personal leadership.

Yes, we are in very turbulent waters. And, we have all navigated turbulent waters before (even if not exactly like this). What did we learn that worked? For me, having dealt with a fair amount of death and loss at an early age, two main lessons come to mind.

Time for Trust

Take time to trust, believe in and create a vision for a brighter, better future. See it, breathe it in, allow yourself to feel it. Even if only for a second, hold onto to that energy because together we can create it. Don’t spend much time at all in blame or victimhood. That choice doesn’t serve a brighter future.
Be present now. Right now. Be honest. Be vulnerable. Be real. Look into people’s eyes. Shine your love and your light with the realness of our humanness. Right now. Breathe in the fact that the birds have begun singing in spring, that the suns still rises every day in the east.

Time for Resilience

We have two parts to our brain – the creative, visionary right side and the analytical, detail oriented, be-here-now, left side side. If we want to be resilient, we need to use all the tools in our toolbox, to create flow between present and future, between trust and presence. Resilience is about keeping our feet on the ground, and walking forward, even if we shake.

This week, we began doing a morning community practice from 7-7:15 MST (zoom link 439-069-5488) to support our grounding and visioning. If you can’t join us, please go to our website to listen to the recording. The synergy of community is powerful.

Lastly, I want to send you my deepest gratitude for taking the time to open these blogs, send kind notes and be the incredible leaders and friends that you are. And also a huge thanks to Julie Kling who’s been my partner on this journey we began a year ago. Thanks for your thoughtfulness, editing, technical support and all around good energy.

May you find joy and peace in our mandated home stays, and in the everyday kindnesses as we support each other as one community (and help our incredible healthcare heroes).

Wishing you health, strength, safety and most of all, love.

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