The Six Minutes Daily App is Ready!

So, this leadership app we’ve been birthing for the past nine months seems to be in a place that is worthy of giving you a sneak peek and seeing what works and how to make it better. Thank you for your patience, and for giving us the courage to inhale, exhale, and give gratitude for you, our beta testers.

Here’s why we made it: First, many, many metrics tracking our societal and individual health are not going in a good direction – there is an alarm going off about our physical, mental and emotional health. And, when we talk about leadership, well let’s say, we may need to strengthen our skills.

There is growing evidence and consensus around how getting in touch with our internal power can shift our perspective. And it’s not by reading more books or taking more classes which often highlight what I’m about to say. At some point, after all the running and all the seeking, we still end up with us.

What does it feel like to slow down for a moment, to truly feel into this moment without judgment. If it’s raining, just feel the rain. If it’s sunny, just feel the sun. And after giving yourself fully over to that moment, what does it feel like to ask yourself what you want? What does it feel like to give voice to how you want to show up in the world or in this day?

We have a lot of stressors right now. I get that, and I’m not immune to it. The question is, “do we fall into endless victimhood and blame, fully giving away our power, or do we learn from it and perhaps even give thanks for it, thus growing in our power and leadership.

Our goal with this app as with these blogs and upcoming workshops is truly just to support all of us in learning to check in with and trust ourselves. Trust in the space that comes from some breaths. There is wisdom; there is healing; there are creative solutions waiting for us if we slow down long enough to see them.

Our hope is that by doing this practice, we will learn to expand our thinking thus creating and not just impulsively reacting. We will take a moment to see things differently and to learn that perhaps if we choose to show up differently or more in alignment with our deepest values, then the outside world will slowly shift back to a place of better health, stronger relationships and a sustainable thriving world.

If you still don’t get what Six Minutes Daily app is all about, we created a series of videos to help you understand. Click the links to watch our introduction and how to videos with the password daily.
Here’s to Small Steps leading to Seismic Change in our lives!

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