Success with positive intentions

Set Yourself up for Success with Positive Intentions

“Everything that happens in the universe begins with intention,” says Deepak Chopra. We’ve all heard about the power of positive thinking, and many of us strive to think more positively every day. But do we really practice positivity? What if we devoted two minutes to creating positive intentions every day?

Two minutes of positive intention setting a day helps to change negative biases and patterns and allows you to be mindful of what your goals are. Science has shown that what we think about actually creates physical matter and we attract what we focus on, good or bad.

In his book “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success,” Chopra says the best time to plant the seeds of your intentions is right after silent meditation. When considering intentions that come from your desires rather than a place of need, you will find that it is not that important to focus on the outcome.

The core values that you hold dear, create your leadership style. As you narrow down your core values (we recommend choosing three), consider how they apply to all areas of your life. If you are resilient, do you bring that resilience home as well as at work. Do you bring it to your spiritual life and your hobbies? How can you embody your core values to the point where they are obvious to everyone around you, including the stranger in the grocery line.

Self assessment studies reveal that when we consider rating ourselves on how well we are doing with our goals, our performance tends to improve. So in addition to making sure that your intentions are positive, try to rate yourself on a regular basis to keep your goals aligned with your whole being.

Think about abundance not scarcity and dare yourself to dream about who you want to be and how you want to be regarded. If you’d like help figuring out your core values, consider this list and follow this simple exercise.


  • Pick 10 core values
  • Narrow it down to five
  • Now take two a note and write down your top three values
  • Consider these values in your morning practice
  • Spend 2 minutes a day setting positive intentions and asking yourself how you are living up to your core values

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