Reawakening Wonder

On April 10th, my daughter and I spent $18 and ended up with 15, 2-day-old chicks. Thirteen survived, and yesterday, we held our first egg. It was a very exciting moment.

Anyone who knows me well has heard me fantasize about having a farm. These days though, checking for eggs and growing a small garden are as far as I’ve gotten. The commitment of a farmer to spend hours every day working in the dirt would be a major shift and is still under thoughtful consideration.

But here’s why I love chickens, gardens and I dream of a farm – and why it’s relevant to our work at Six Minutes Daily. These activities, whether for an adult or child, are daily touches of wonder. Wonder is that sense of awe, that breath that takes us out of the life’s daily routine. It stops us, if even just for a second, to remember there is
more. Maybe for you wonder comes in the funny thing a child says or in the unexpected kindness of a stranger holding the door open for you or in the rainbow that
followed the rainstorm.

Wonder can wake us up. It can deepen our understanding of the connectedness of all things. It can help us slow down enough to consider other possibilities. That awe
of realizing that a seemingly simple seed with some water, soil and sunlight can a few months later produce huge pumpkins, zucchini and tomatoes can help all of us
realize what is possible when we expand our decision making. What if we considered the principle of creating the world we want for the next generation?

Today, this week, this year, observe what comes when you set the intention of seeing and feeling wonder – in your work, relationships, activities. What does it bring up in
your thinking? What creative ideas come? How can you cultivate more wonder for others? How does wonder begin to shift our world?

Slow down for a few minutes. Relax and take a few deep breaths. Focus on the life-long values you want to embody. Become aware of when the illusion of fear is
driving behaviors and decisions versus the deeper power of all that you are. Allow the fear to release. Breathe in courage and creativity. Cultivate wonder. Set today’s
intentions. Give gratitude for all the learning.

And, if you get a chance, watch It is a joyful documentary.

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