One Sky

How do we hold space amidst all the complexity? Some friends shut out all media; some friends seem obsessed. Some focus on minute details and microscopic steps; others look at the vast horizon. And sometimes I just feel like my energy and moods are stuck in a pinball machine between the micro and the macro…between circles of concern and circles of influence.

And, today in a conversation about life and world events with a very wise woman who’s studied indigenous cultures for a career and a lifetime, she said to me, “The sky can hold it all.”

The sky can hold it all. Deep breath. Just allow. The emotions. The intensity or not. The sky can hold it all. We don’t each individually need to carry all that we do. Within that great, infinite space, I find my ability to breathe again, to find connection and gain traction. I lift up my arms and sigh to the clouds and the stars, and some strength from within comes forth.

Step by step. We are all under the same sky.


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