Of the Earth

Quick. Did you feel it in the middle of the night, that quiet yet seismic shift as the earth’s rotation hit the edge of the darkness (for the northern hemisphere), paused, and began again expanding into light? This morning, the sun gave us a few more seconds of light compared to yesterday, and will softly increase each day so that by March, we are adding 3 minutes of light per day before it begins to slow again in May.

As you gently breathe into your toes, can you allow the connection to our global ancestors who thousands of years ago built temples and monuments that awakened shadow and illumination on the summer and winter solstice – from Egypt to Peru; from Mexico to the British Isles? Their attunement and mathematical abilities to create such magic still befuddles some of our brightest minds today?

What happens when we allow our conscious awareness to expand beyond the mental and flow into all of our systems and energy? How do you feel as you allow the knowing that we are “of the earth” not just “on the earth”? We are connected. We belong.

In the pause, can you feel the rising thunder of a million hooves running across the African plains as the zebra and wildebeast migration begins? Can you hear the rustling of butterfly and birds wings as their instincts begin to call them north again? Can you imagine the faintest quickening deep underground of roots that will begin the journey towards their spring explosion into life?

This is the enchanted planet of which we are a part and of which we are stewards. As we celebrate the season and come together with loved ones, may we remember this wonder, and may we allow our roots of connection and inner light to quietly grow.

Warmest blessings of the season,

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