No Matter What the Weather

Last week Jackson Hole got its first glimpse of winter – cold rain/snow in the mountains and some freezing temperatures at night. And then, summer returned with days in the mid 70s.

It reminded me how much we can’t control in our lives. All we know is that change comes whether it’s the weather, relationships, jobs or the fact that children quickly into adults.

Just as I shared last week about the obscurity of the key to the golden door, the question, how can I show up as who I want to be no matter what the weather is around me? is challenging. Transitions can be tough because hopes, expectations and dreams are hard to realize. We are human and to be human means that we have emotions.

So how can we allow our beautiful humanness to be true, but not get knocked over if it happens to rain, or it gets cold outside? One way that helps me is the practice of creating and consistently breathing in value-based and behavior-based intentions.

My ground rules for creating intentions

  1. Make them simple
  2. Begin with “I am”
  3. Be positive not negative (it’s about what we want, not about what we don’t want)
  4. Be inspiring and empowering
  5. Use an active voice by adding “ing” to your verbs
  6. Make sure they aren’t half in. Instead of trying or hoping focus on being and doing

What’s the Point of Creating Intentions

Intentions are an inspiring, action-oriented and simple way to fire you up to become who you want to be. Some intentions are big muscle memory shifts and some are daily ways to practice bringing bigger things forth in our day. Here’s my example – my big intention this year – “I am thoughtfully slowing down and consciously choosing what I say yes to.” Anyone who knows me is probably laughing. Remember it’s about the daily practice and evolving personal clarity and awareness.

Then I set daily intentions that relate to what is happening in the next 24 hours. As an example, “I am allowing space between my meetings in order to show up fully ready.” Intentions are personally honest, vulnerable and deeply aligned with the meta values of who you want to be. And they evolve. Truly, it’s just a few minutes a day of you focusing on you.

Instead of saying “I will try to feel like I belong here,” “I will do my best to listen,” or “I will not get frustrated too easily” an effective intention is actually being in the state you want to be. “I am discovering and joyfully seeing all of the ways I belong here,” “I am deeply listening to the exciting ideas of my team,” and “I am living joyfully and compassionately no matter what the weather.”

Intentions are about helping us stay in our own power of choice versus becoming a victim of life’s circumstances. The idea of an intention is to really allow your body to feel the success you want to embody.

Try It

This week pick a value you’d like to embody. Write a simple, positive, action-oriented intention. Put it on a sticky on your bathroom mirror. Take a minute to breathe that value in every morning or evening. Then before you go to sleep, take a minute to write down ways that you brought that intention to life.

Here’s to loving all the weather!

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