Love Doesn’t Tell Time

What a six months it’s been since I wrote my first Six Minutes Daily blog! It feels like I’ve been to more graduations, reunions, weddings, life changing events of the older generation and friend-focused adventures than ever before. You probably have too. It has been a time of intense reflection, family challenges and business ups and downs. I find myself sometimes having an out of body experience like an observer in a kaleidoscope of connections with people I have known and loved for 20, 30, 40 and even 50+ years.

And here’s the crazy thing – while activities, to-do lists and accomplishments fill our days, love knows nothing of time. When we reconnect with old friends and family, a decade could feel like a day, and years collapse together such that laughing about events 40 years ago feels like yesterday.

That is the power of love and human relationships. Frustrations or differences seem to melt away with bonds of connection. What was so challenging and important once, may not hold as much energy now. Questions become much more focused on “how are you?” vs. “what are you doing?”

Perhaps, this is why I am so powerfully drawn to this mission of asking you to take six minutes every day to remember who you are and how you want to show up before you run into the busyness of your life. I am not diminishing accomplishments or achieving goals. They are our important motivators toward progress and growth.

I am simply asking you to spend six minutes each day looking inward before you run out into the world. Reflecting on where we are going and why, along with what is most important may help us remember to breathe before we react, and listen before we respond.

In this small way, our actions and activities can become powerful extensions of the values we want to embody – in our jobs, our relationships and how we treat ourselves. It is our beautiful gift to ourselves and a great practice to pass on to our children.

We do get to choose how we show up every day and how we prioritize our health, and the health of the relationships around us. It is in the multitude of these small steps that we can light up our world and find the courage to keep going even when obstacles arise.

To all the lifelong friends with whom I’ve been able to hug, laugh and cry over these past six months, I so thank you for being in my life. Love knows nothing of time.

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