Let Go and Gain Energy

Last Sunday, on a sunny afternoon with a lazy soft breeze, I was visiting some friends who had hammocks hanging in their yard. It’s been a long time since I took a nap in a hammock, but it looked so tantalizing. I couldn’t resist.

It took me a few minutes to get comfortable once I was in it. But eventually, as the sun flickered through the trees and the breeze gently rocked me, I felt my whole being give in to the experience. Muscles relaxed. I allowed myself to be held by a strong piece of cloth tied between two trees.

I had so many ideas of what to write about this week, but the visceral feeling of trusting and fully letting go of tension was so powerful that it superseded them all.

How many things do we hold on to that tense our muscles (mentally, emotionally and physically), deplete our energy and our strength? How often do we allow ourselves just to be, just to breathe, just to be filled without effort? In physics, there’s a term called zero point. It’s that moment of balance where no effort is needed to sustain momentum – or in the deepest cold where everything becomes nothing and nothing becomes everything. That’s what I experienced lying in the hammock. Everything was OK. The world still turned without me doing anything.

Hours later, I still felt the power of allowing myself to be held by something else, something deeper – and it ignited huge energy and clarity for days following.

I think that’s what Six Minutes Daily is all about – being held by breathing in light, love, warmth, joy, and teaching our being to relax into that space and become a part of everything without effort. And then from that touch of connection, possibility & expansiveness — allowing ourselves to clarify our intentions of how to walk into our day, giving gratitude, even if it’s just for the ability to take our next breath. From this place of power, creativity rises and fear diminishes.

So if you haven’t relaxed, really relaxed into a hammock lately, in these dog days of August, go find one and try it. Let yourself melt into all the magic and majesty that you are. Relax and breathe in the sunshine. And if you can’t find a hammock, imagine one as you start your day with a few minutes of sitting quietly and deeply breathing in light to fill your being. Then write down an intention and something for which you are grateful. You’ll be amazed by the power you can create.

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