Joyful Cacophony

Yesterday morning I walked outside my yurt to a wonderful feeling – a warm wind! After a cold winter which saw frigid early morning temperatures (hitting a low of -28 two weeks ago), to walk out into 25 degrees at 7:30am felt deliciously tropical (and the yurt was even warm when I got up).

And I wasn’t the only one feeling that way. The skies were alive with sound. Geese and swans were joyfully and loudly announcing their arrival back to the valley. Song birds were singing. Black birds were calling. Even a few sandhill cranes were sharing their mysterious clicking call. It was a wild, glorious, cacophony of a bird symphony.

After a long, hard, snow sparse winter, spring was coming. You could feel it in every cell – the hope, the energy, the aliveness. Yes, there are worries. We in the west need more water. We in the world need peace, more compassion, more heart-centered power. And there is time for all of that. Our beings also need to be replenished, refueled and re-energized.

This week-end let’s bring in the spring to our whole beings. Let’s meet in our fields, farms, beaches, parks and rooftops to allow spring into our senses and feel the awakening. Let’s stand barefoot on the earth and allow the miracle of nature’s rebirth to connect deep in. Let’s laugh at the birds and the daffodils.

Together, may we gain inner resilience and love from each other and the earth. Winter is breaking open into spring. So may we.

Happy Spring!

To hope, courage and peace,

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