It Takes Just a Moment

Winter roared into the Tetons this week. After a beautiful October and early November extending that summer feeling, wintery winds and a few feet of snow blanketed our world this week with more winter storms on the way.

In what felt like just a moment, we went from sweatshirts to down coats; from flip flops to snow boots. And I realize that quick shift outside is sometimes mirrored inside me. One minute all seems warm and easy; the next minute, my energy shifts, and my clarity and flow seems frozen.

Yet cycles and seasons are the essence of life – the moon, the years, our shifts through the ages. Instead of constricting against the cold or attempting to jump over the shifts and the feelings, what if I/we breathed deeply into this eternal sacred flow of changes and attuned to the connection. What if I /we allowed ourselves to observe a bit more, reflect a bit more, visualize the reciprocal opening between all of our skin cells and nature, earth, sky around us for guidance and for giving and receiving?

How might that connection shift how we showed up in our day? How might that allow the space for more powerful presence without so much judgment? Even as I sit here writing, I feel an expansiveness that wasn’t here five minutes ago? And it feels delicious.

As Thomas Berry says in his book, Meditations, “We bear the universe in our beings as the universe bears us in its being. The two have a total presence to each other and to that deeper mystery out of which both the universe and ourselves have emerged.”

So as winter awakens to us in the Northern hemisphere and the energy of December and the holidays rises, may we pause to allow the flow of the seasons and our feelings. It only takes a moment to remember the awe-inspiring interconnection of everything.

Love and joy through all the seasons,

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