Gentle Mountain

I find myself looking at this picture on my wall a lot lately. I took it years ago on a beautiful sunny day (even though my photographic skills don’t show that). I looked up and thought about all the people climbing the Grand Teton that day that probably didn’t see or feel the glorious sunny day I was experiencing in the valley.

It feels like all of us together now are in that cloud cover, some experiencing tremendous lightning and thunder; others just in quiet fog. And some moments are really hard, especially as we don’t know when the storm will lift or what it will look like after it does.

Although I consider myself a pretty optimistic person, I find myself in moments where the shadows come, where my whole being just wants to hide under the covers or walk deep into nature for a long time – and that’s when my patience gets short with my daughter in our quasi quarantine, or I just go silent with my friends.

It’s then that I look at this picture. And I breathe in the light from the sky and the valley. It renews my energy. It helps give me strength and courage. As Dr. Seuss said, “Life is a great balancing act.” For me, the balance these days is about staying strong and fortified as we work our way through this storm. Yes at times we’re cold, tired, bored, exhausted, lonely and afraid. And we are courageous and powerful, and we can keep navigating our way forward (while still being gentle and forgiving to ourselves when we just want to run away or hide under the covers).

We have the unique ability to both be here now and also envision ourselves outside the storm – that is the power of our humanness. Please allow yourself to breathe in your version of that beautiful sunny valley as much as you need each day. Step by step, we will walk out of this storm and feel the warmth of the sun filling our being. That is our grace. That is love.

And please know, as a teacher of leadership, a certified life coach, a team builder and long-time values-based marketing /business consultant, I’m here to support you. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve learned the power of Zoom. I’m offering individual and group coaching sessions & workshops on resilience, foundation building, listening, relationships, communications, creativity and shifting out of unhealthy patterns (personally and in our professions / businesses).

Just give me a call or email if I can be of help during these times. It is through our connection to each other that we become infinitely powerful.

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