Courage of the Heart

Wednesday night a very bizarre thing happened. I had written the blog and was replacing the picture (to the one shown) when the whole blog disappeared, not to be found anywhere. I was a bit stunned since I’ve written about 100 of these and replacing a picture never trashed the blog before.

And I wondered, was there a message? It was a pretty charged blog. Hmm. So I spent today just observing what came. And here’s my observations and conclusions.

I feel like I live in a time where what I had once thought was impossible, isn’t. Events, conversations, interactions often just don’t compute in my head a lot of the time these days. Yet this is my conclusion (and perhaps why my original blog, which didn’t say this, evaporated). We are made of love. Beyond the fear, the divisiveness, the anger, we are so much more. We love our families, our communities, our nation, each other. Love is so much stronger than fear, than hate, than anger.

Yes, we have a lot to figure out – and it’s complex. Healthcare, climate change, immigration, tax codes, a vaccine, laws, fairness and equity, safety nets and the economy to name just a few things. And we are Americans. One nation indivisible under God. All Americans.

Let us begin with a grounding in the love that we are, with the courage of our hearts to find our way back to connection, to compassion and to listening without having answers. Let us begin with love. And our creative, analytical, brilliant minds, especially when we put our heads together, will figure it out.

Last week, I went on a walk where a micro-burst of wind a day or two before made 200 foot pine trees look like a giant had come along, plucked them up and thrown them on the ground making them look the way my weeds do when I’m gardening. Made me step back in awe of nature’s power. She doesn’t seem so happy these days.

When we breath in the courage of our hearts, what does that mean for our relationships to each other, to ourselves and to nature? May we all spend a few minutes every day just breathing in love and observing what blossoms.

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