Beyond Connection

For nearly two decades now, I’ve been a leadership, start-up and social change marketing coach and prof. As such, I’ve observed various trends in these areas. One big idea that had some sticking power was that of 10x’ing. Honestly, when I heard the term, it made me exhausted and seemed a bit too financially goal line focused (even if it was meant more holistically).

But then I had a thought on my slow jog this morning. Last year my blog focus / intention was on supporting a deepened sense of connection (to self, senses, others, nature, spirit). This year my intention is to continue and go to the next level in terms of expanding our feeling of intimacy. When I say that word, we often just think of physical intimacy, but that’s but a small part of the concept of intimacy.

What is intimacy? Isn’t it the connection beyond our intellect? the awakening of all of our senses to the present moment? that feeling of awe, wonder, even “that which doesn’t have words?” Intimacy begins with ourselves. Intimacy can be created and deepened with everything – earth, nature, others, the universe. As Richard Bach (of Jonathon Livingston Seagull fame) says, “The opposite of loneliness is not togetherness. It’s intimacy.”

So here’s my idea — what if we created a 10x’ing plan with ourselves around deepening our connection with intimacy over the next year. We each can create our own vision, specifics, and track any insights in a journal or calendar. How would you define 10x’ing intimacy? Maybe it’s 10 breaths of feeling into all your senses in the present moment…maybe it’s 10 minutes of just watching the clouds or the trees swaying in the wind…maybe it’s 10 days of listening to your favorite music and getting lost in the sounds and feelings…maybe it’s 10 seconds of deeply looking into someone’s eyes (even your own in the mirror) and allowing the layers of wisdom and wholeness to be seen.

With a commitment to this deeper connection of intimacy, roots deepen and expand. We see…we feel…we allow our senses to come on line in support of our creativity, relationships and decision making.

Text me or email me any insights….let’s learn together how to build the roots and webs of connection, collaboration and community — and it begins with remembering the power of intimacy, first to self and our senses.

Happy 2023!

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