First, deep and heartfelt thanks to so many for your kind words and support around the loss of dear Ripley, and for your sharing of connection in gratitude for the moments we get with love and the challenge of loss. Such is the journey of life. Together. Onward.

For most of my life, with added intensity and focus over the last decade, I’ve been on a mission to understand why we’re here; how to make the most of the time we’re given; and how best to create systems/ connections for health, prosperity, and joy. Several advanced degrees and certifications later, along with life experience, I return to the knowing that it begins with awareness of our feet firmly on the ground, conscious connection and belief in the power of our choices, and envisioning the future we aspire to.

The world may bring many storms. How we continue to cultivate the tools to deal with the storm, how we choose to face or play in the storm, and where we want to be after the storm are the essential questions and daily practices of presence and vision.

Saying these things is easy. Living them on a daily basis is a lot harder. I mentor, teach, and research this work and still fumble multiple times a day (what’s the saying of “teach what you most want to learn?”). Yet, we get up and practice again. Think of your favorite prodigy (Michael Jordan, Yo-Yo Ma, Adele…). Even when they were at the top of their profession, they got up and practiced for hours every day.

To help with the practice (beyond beginning with a few minutes daily of breathing in the grounding presence of your feet connected to the earth; of intentions for how you want to show up today, and for gratitude for someone or something in your life), I have a few other exciting thoughts.
~ I published a short book called Attunement which is an short handbook of models, practices, and questions to help bring you back to the full power of all you are. Please let me know any feedback or ideas. (I hesitate at reviews / social marketing but will get with the program.)

~ On September 23rd and 24th, the newly created Teton Leadership Center (founded by Central Wyoming College and Silicon Couloir) is holding its kick-off summit of Igniting Next Level Leadership. It is exciting for me as the executive director to be able to bring in speakers who are at the leading edge of purpose, values, systems, and collaborative thinking and practice. The conference goal is to help all of us learn new ideas and tools to make the ideas discussed above a part of our DNA, personally and professionally.

The handbook is a practical tool. The conference is a great igniter of energey and connection. Both are additional ways to support our health and well-being in creating lives and organizations that thrive.

May we all live long and prosper,

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