A New Season of Listening

Early Tuesday morning, I gave my keys and garage door openers of my home for the past seven years to new owners. The house echoed empty save for the sleeping bag and pillow that my dog and I slept on in the living room for the last night.

I got up early to watch the sunrise from my home on the hill. Then, I gave the keys away and drove through town to go over the mountain to my new home – a yurt on the edge of a pond and a stream. Morning fog and cloud cover still blanketed the quiet streets of Jackson. However, within a few minutes and almost 4,000 feet of elevation up the pass, sun and cloudless skies greeted me. As I drove into Victor a gorgeous morning welcomed me home.

Victor is the quiet, more agricultural, bohemian neighbor on the other side of the Tetons. I now live down a dusty dirt road off another dirt road. The energy is different. There’s a peacefulness and stillness that fills the air. The light is longer on the western side.

And here’s my humor. It is anything but quiet – it is a different kind of noise. My neighbors’ herds of cows moo and call through the night. Bands of coyotes whimper with glee at finding a meal. Canada geese and sand hill cranes crowd the evening and night sky as fall approaches, honking their way south and west. And lastly, I’ve been woken several times by the owl who lives in a nearby aspen grove. These are the noises of nature that enliven a different part of my soul, that resonate deeply from the memories of our ancestors.

I’m not sure how long I can live so romantically without running water or electricity, but for now, this new kind of listening is powerful. It awakens my senses and allows my endlessly chattering mind to go quiet, hearing a deeper knowing; perhaps better cultivating insight and intuition about what the next chapter holds.

Perhaps in this weekend that often signals the end of summer, we can all take some time to quiet our minds and listen more deeply to our senses. What are they calling to us that we’ve been too busy to hear? What do we want to bring forth in this new season?

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