Quiet Shift;
Seismic Change

We have choices in how we show up — and in those every day decisions,  everything can change.

What We do at Six Minutes Daily

Manifesting your team’s potential begins with each person. Six Minutes Daily is a practice designed to increase creativity and productivity and hold individuals and their organizations accountable. Inner Bullseye Workshops & Coaching lay the foundation for the powerful daily practice.

Six Minutes Daily Practice

Six Minutes Daily offers simple tools and support to help people create a Powerful Daily Practice of Mindful Breathing, Positive Intentions and Gratitude. It helps you hone your values, creates space for you to record your intentions and gratitudes and tracks your progress and provides a record to measure your success.

Inner Bullseye Workshops

We offer master classes to organizations and teams to deepen your foundation of alignment around values and purpose leading to greater trust, communication, leadership, effectiveness and success. By delving into what success means to you, we have helped hundreds of people find their why.

Inner Bullseye Coaching

If you want to create the holistic life and professional success you’ve always dreamed of along with powerful accountability, we offer private sessions and corporate coaching programs. Up to 40% of Forbes 500 companies use executive coaching to improve teamwork, job satisfaction and bottom-line profitability.



Mindful Breath

Spend 3 minutes a day breathing in and out a positive value (love, courage, joy, patience, honesty, etc.) with your eyes closed. Morning breathing can include sound, body scans, or silence.



Spend 2 minutes a day writing down or using voice over translation to set your intentions for the day. Journal your intentions.



Spend 1 minute a day writing down some things or people you are grateful to - and then take the next step - personally thank them. Journal your gratitudes. Then email or text a note of appreciation to others.


Six Minutes Daily is a simple practice that is designed to create a quiet shift and seismic change in your life. Start your day with six minutes of breath, positive intentions and  gratitude.  Reach your full potential today.